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Added on: 05/06/2018 03:28 pm

The AMEB ONLINE Learning & Exam site has been successfully upgraded and new software is now available for download.

Will the software upgrade impact me?
Because this is a ‘global’ software update, all computers will need to download and install a new version of the software (available here). Unlike previous software upgrades, users will not be able to access the site unless the new software is correctly downloaded and installed.
N.B. If you are using a school computer or if your computer is firewall or password protected, you may require some support or assistance from your IT administrator.

Will I notice a difference when using the new software?
Not immediately, but this upgrade is the first step in making new features available to users over the coming weeks.

How do I download and install the new software?
The new version of the software can be accessed here. The process for installing and downloading software will be exactly the same as it has been for previous software updates. If you’re unsure or would like some advice, we encourage you to watch our video tutorial below:

What if I have trouble installing the new software?
The AMEB Customer Support Team is available to assist customers experiencing problems with the new software. To help us in helping you, we ask that you collect screenshots or records of any error messages you receive so that we can diagnose and address any problems you might be experiencing.

The AMEB Customer Support Team can be contacted by using the Support feature within the site or by using:
Phone: 1300 725 709

What are the new features in the pipeline?
Over recent months we have been working on delivering new features that will improve the site for users. This ‘global’ software update has enabled many of these features, which will be further tested over the coming weeks before being made available to customers.  The new features in the pipeline are:

  • Enhanced playback features for aural questions
  • Improved results reporting
  • Improved messaging on the site
  • Improved customer support request system
  • Enhanced security features
  • Introduce features enabling schools to pay later (by invoice)
  • New grading systems to deliver faster turnaround on manually marked exams
  • Introduce a new appeals system
  • New state office and administrative features aimed at improving service delivery standards, customer service and support requests.